Clippers Playoff Push, Lakers Tank

When the season first began back in October, many people expected the Lakers to make the playoffs while the Clippers to struggle. With approximately 10 games left in the regular season, it is safe to say that the roles have been reversed. The Lakers are out of the playoff picture and are focused on making major offseason acquisitions while the Clippers are tied for 5th at the time of writing this post.

I think the Clippers know that their chance of winning an NBA title this year is very low. When you compare the strategies of the Lakers and Clippers, it is very interesting to see how each team is approaching this offseason. Both teams have goals of signing big name free agents in this year’s stacked free agency. The Clippers are hoping to sign big name players by showing the world that they are already a good team without free agents, yet they have the money to acquire possibly 2 max contract players. On the other hand, the Lakers are aiming to build through a lottery pick and appeal to players simply by their franchise history alone.

There is no right or wrong approach here, but I am excited to see how this offseason will turn out for both teams, and seeing which team’s strategy ends up succeeding. The city of Los Angeles is long overdue for a promising basketball team to cheer behind.

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